Baby Giraffe Dies After Battle With Bone Infection At Houston Zoo

This is so sad. I love giraffes so much.

CBS Houston

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) The Houston Zoo’s Masai giraffe calf “Yao” died Friday after a lengthy battle against a bone infection.

According to a press release sent to CBS Radio Houston on Friday, “Yao” endured an aggressive course of treatment since mid-March. “Yao”, a seven-week old Masai giraffe calf, was sedated Friday morning and Dr. Wyatt Winchell, an equine orthopedic specialist, x-rayed his right shoulder and left hip. “The x-rays indicated Yao’s right shoulder had stabilized,” Dr. Winchell stated. “However, the images also indicated degenerative joint disease and cartilage loss around the area of the hip joint, a secondary effect of the original bacterial infection which had shown indications of being resolved,” Dr. Winchell added.

Antibiotics were administered to the giraffe and were expected to successfully control the animal’s bacterial infection. “In consultation with Dr. Winchell, we determined the resulting degenerative joint disease and cartilage loss in the left hip would…

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