Moms know. (Stretching the reach)

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

No excuses for spotty reports, but thought an update on a tall tail might be the weekend’s grin.

Yao Ming met with a reporter from local news station recently.

(You know reporters. They always want the dirt.)

Born Feb 25, 2013, life became a bit of a pain for Houston’s Masai giraffe calf., Yao Ming.

Perhaps Yao tried to live up to his celebrity name by running fast and loose too young? 

(Far too many youngsters put too much pressure on themselves trying to be a star.)

Watchful eyes noticed Yao started limping and jumped in to help.

Grabbed the ball and ran with it once vets discovered the rambunctious calf  had a life threatening bone infection.

The surgery performed last month on his right front shoulder went very well.

His infected left rear leg healed quickly as the bone was not affected yet.

Zoo officials say it’s day by day…

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