Please Feed The Animals

Another Big Bite

It is official. Colorado Springs is the GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH.

Wait. Stop. Stop, stop, stop!

Second greatest. Disney World is still better. Obviously.

But C.Springs is a respectable second. On Saturday, we went to The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. We were holding out for better weather so all the animals from warmer climates wouldn’t be huddled en mass in the far corners of their pens. Finally, we had a beautiful day. My expectations for the zoo were pretty high, I hail from Chicago – home to two world-class zoos; Brookfield Zoo and Lincoln Park Zoo. Holy awesomeness, Batman, my mind was BLOWN this weekend.

We get there, and this is the first thing we did…

1 CMZoo 3

No big deal. Just feeding the giraffes at the zoo. What?? They let you do that? Yes. Every. single. day.

You fork over your two dollars for a hunk of romaine and then the…

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