Daddy Loves Me: Field Trip to the Central Park Zoo

This is so cute!

The Pulp Scribbler


To celebrate my son’s six month (and wife’s) birthdays the family headed to the Central Park Zoo for a day of animals and other baby friendly activities. Would there be screaming, an animal attack, or general blow up? Oh, the possibilities when you have to travel uptown…

Planning: Well done. We had a ride with a car seat and bought our tickets online. Did you know you can do that? Lucky for us my wife did. If you have kids YOU NEED TO DO THIS! Walking into the zoo I looked over to my left and saw the ticket line, it was hundreds of people deep. There were screaming kids and worse, teenagers. We walked right in. I felt like a king, or Trump, or Busey, or someone awesome…

One thing about the zoo (especially Central Park’s zoo), they always try to get you with the picture up front. Anyway…

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