Meeting the Pandas!

I loved going to see the pandas at the National Zoo, it was one of my favorite moments there!

Tori Story

Hey guys! I am so happy because yesterday I got to meet the pandas at the National Zoo. It was so awesome to meet them. They are so beautiful in person and also my favorite animal on the planet.

They had two pandas, a mommy and a baby panda(Bao-Bao). They are so precious. We were extremely lucky because the mommy panda walked right up to us and sat there and “posed” so I got some awesome pictures!

IMG_1589 Mommy walking toward us.

Bao-Bao was super dooper cute.  Today is actually his first birthday! Wish him a happy birthday on twitter using #baobaoBday.

I also went to the gift shop and there was literally everything you could think of pandas. I ended up getting a T shirt, am awesome mug that I can’t wait to use, and some postcards.

Baby Bao-Bao Baby Bao-Bao

Being able to see pandas in real life was…

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Brother Bear


Two brown bears playing with each other in the water! They got really close to the glass! At the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio!