Tiger Territory at London Zoo

I love Tigers!

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Our blogger Tyra checks out the latest addition to the capital’s much-loved zoo

ZSL London Zoo’s newest exhibit opened on 22 March 2013, the 186-year-old site has been redeveloped to make way for its brand new enclosure – Tiger Territory – home to the newest zoo arrivals Jae Jae and Melati. Scapers can now admire the budding romance between Europe’s two most important Sumatran tigers. Locking eyes across the 27,000sq ft Indonesian-inspired habitat in Regent’s Park, the burgeoning lovers fell in love at first sight after being paired by the global breeding programme for endangered species. Originating from Sumatra in Indonesia, Sumatran tigers are critically endangered in the wild with an estimated population of 300. Zookeepers have high hopes for the birth of the first tiger cubs at the zoo.

Five times the size of the previous tiger enclosure, the new exhibit has been carefully designed to suit the big…

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We’re Going To The Zoo

My journey, from wine lover to sober and happy...

Yesterday I visited London Zoo with my two daughters, fiancé and his sister. We sauntered about in the sunshine, taking in the tigers, lions, penguins, monkeys and other animals before catching the tube back to my almost-sister-in-law’s house amongst tired marathon runners wrapped in aluminium foil.

I was reminded that having a day out is a fantastic way to remove yourself from the stresses that we all feel subjected to in our daily lives to some degree, the perfect way to avoid over-thinking a problem or flinging yourself between a multitude of household chores, weighted down with an inability to relax.

As a drinker, I could not relax unless I had a glass of wine in my hand (and the knowledge that a fairly substantial supply was present somewhere in my near vicinity). I would hurtle between jobs at a hundred miles an hour before finally, at a designated and preconceived…

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ZSL London Zoo : Meet the Singing Hands at Special Children’s Day : 18/19 May



ZSL Special Children’s Day welcomes children with special needs and their families and friends to ZSL London Zoo on Saturday & Sunday 18 & 19 May.

Special Children’s Day is a unique annual event at ZSL London Zoo. With increased specialist facilities and number of staff, as well as special ‘interactive events’ and discounted entry, Special Children’s Day is an exciting and exceptional event not to be missed.

ZSL Special Children’s Day includes the whole of ZSL London Zoo with the largest collection of animals anywhere in the UK

  • A Very Special Welcome: Pick up your Special Children’s Day day-planner and exclusive discount vouchers. There are friendly zoo characters to meet and The Dixie Swing Band to dance too! Staff & Volunteers will be at hand to assist you as your fun day gets underway!
  • The ‘Discovery Zone’: Includes hands-on activities and a chill out zone, meet live animals…

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