Zoo Prepares for Cubs’ Debut

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By Charea Jennings    

It is said that two heads are better than one, so when a female polar bear gave birth to twins at the Toledo Zoo in late November, the staff found themselves twice as excited.

Born on Nov. 21  to a 14-year-old polar bear named Crystal, the twin polar bear cubs – one male and one female – have gained plenty of attention since their birth.

“Any newborn animal is a success and brings much attention to our zoo,” said Mackenzie Kangars, a worker at the zoo.

While no official date has been set as to when the cubs will make their public appearance, it is estimated that they will make their debut sometime in early May. This is done to assure that the cubs have enough bonding time with their mother.

Considered one of the top zoological institutions in the country, the Toledo Zoo has made a…

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